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I was *supposed* to get my final pay today, form that damn supermarket today. Of course it never turned up, and there is no excuse I can think of beyond them fucking up big time, for me not to get the money today. Today is a public holiday here, (it's Anzac Day), but yesterday was a normal old working day. AND an automatic payment went out of my account fine last night, (this was despite not having the money to cover it because I haven't been paid yet too!)

I am so angry about it right it isn't funny. The fact that I've only used two swear words so far in this post is a bloody miracle, (ok 3 now :) ), as I've been wanting to use a swear word of some sort for every second or third word and toning it down has been more than a little difficult. But at least I resisted the temptation when I'd first checked my account balances over the phone, to star breaking things.

The extra money I got last Thursday wouldn't have affected the amount I got today either, as I later found out that I got a couple of bonuses that week. One for each of the 2 departments, as by pure chance they'd both gotten 100% in the previous months reviews so everyone who worked in those departments got paid extra last week.

Unfortunately for me I was assuming I'd safely get paid today, even if it was my usual old weekly amount. I *never* thought I'd get absolutely nothing!! To make matters worse I'd paid a large bill off yesterday instead of paying my rent or going to the supermarket and promised my flat mate I'd do it all this afternoon, after the shops had opened. Of course I now have practically no food left, not enough to last me much beyond tomorrow breakfast, my flat mate isn't going to be happy with me in the slightest. And I am so fucking pissed off with that bloody supermarket for fucking up my last pay like this, I'm more agro than I usually get about *anything*.

Many apologies for ranting like that, but as you can tell I'm more than a little stressed out right now because of all of this shit. And now that a little of it's out of my system I hope I'll start to calm down a bit.
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