chance (michaelchance) wrote,

What I am doing instead of writing my history essay

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Michael, I still haven't begun my journal properly, (been sick, and working a lot too)but for two nights I've been jumping around this thing, following the most bizarre and twisted trail of links, and I have to say this is one very crazy and chaotic universe. I feel daunted by the vast array of people, and loonies, who inhabit this LJ space. There are some nut bars loose out here! (And some regular sorts, too.) I feel overwhelmed.....

you should think of it this way every one here is normal and has a safe outlet for anger while everyone out there in the real world are nut bars
I think you must have seen a number of lj I haven't! Most of the ones I've managed to come across have been by other LOTRs or sf fans, or by teenagers....... If you don't feel like writing in your lj you shouldn't then. Unless you set all of your posts to be viewable only to people on your friends list of course ;)

Well, I'm not shy about starting, I think I just stayed up way too late following various links of lj friends on many different ljs, and found some surprising stuff... I guess I had no idea how big lj was! Anyway, I'll begin sometime this week.

AHahaha, Love the instant slash story. Havn't laughed so hard in ages. :D

lol yes it is rather good :) Which is why I bookmrked it when I first saw it months ago.