chance (michaelchance) wrote,

CSI Slash Chirstmas Wish list

I'm sure everyone knows the rules for this already! You post upto 10 wishes, which can be anything and cost anything from free to asking for your own house. You then go and try to grant at least 1 other person's wish whether you know them or not. This for my site - CSI Slash - more than for me exactly.

1) If you have any CSI Slash, either m/m or f/f or gen for that matter, and wouldn't mind it archived on my site please email me with the details and I'll put them asap.

2) If you have a slash site or a lj a link to would be wonderful! If you have a link to the site at slashcity, updating it would great too :)

3) If you buy anything from or I'd be eternally gratfull if you used of the site's links first - link - C.S.I. New York - The Complete First Season link - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 5 - Part 2 (buy one, get one free*)

3) I despritly need more subscribers or donations via PayPal -

The subscribtion links is here. The site is 100% depenant on getting donations & subscriptions from the readers in order to stay up, so anything extra will make a serious difference!

Thanks :) Merry Chirstmas!
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