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18th April 2002

10:31am: I currently have a massive headache, I'm starting to stress out about an assignment I have due this coming Monday - which I *still* haven't gotten the text book for and will be able to afford it this time next week at the earliest. (Yes I know I'm leaving it far too late :) ). And I got food posioning yesterday, so am still feeling funny from that.

But this weekend is the last time I have to work at the supermarket, lukerily for me. Money wise I properly shouldn't be doing it, especially as I still haven't gotten the money the IRD owes me, but as the stress caused by working there has gotten to the point it isn't funny.

Seriously I've worked there for almost a year and the vast majority of the memories are bad ones - I seriously have no idea how anyone can work in places like the Grocery Department for years on end, there are a couple of middle aged men who have stocked shelves in supermarkets their whole working lives essentially.

Oh well, I guess I'll just have to use the copy of Le Morte D'Arthur I got out of the library :P I'd much rather have my own copy of course, but I don't think I'll manage to get it before I have to go to work tomorrow afternoon! lol
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16th April 2002

I am

what sexual performer are you?

you are perverted. in a way. not only do you celebrate excess but you find ways of making everything exquisite. you like pool parties, lots of skin and other gatherings that turn into bachanallian bliss. you're a humanist with near inhuman carnal desires. more often than not you're breed are predicted to rot in hell, so sayeth television evangelists. Satan reserves a seat for you.

you won't demure from an orgy if invited and you never cease the search for new contorted bodily pleasures. the party-animal in you could smell the scent of sex from a mile. you say yes to occasional bdsm and say no to bestiality. you are not that low.

15th April 2002

9:45am: Was feeling rather morose as it's my first day back at Uni after 2 weeks off for Easter, combined with the fact I forget to go pick up a text book I needed for a class this afternoon. (Until I checked yesterday afternoon in or der to do my homework for it, I had the strange idea that the text we'll be using today was part of the course materials I already have).

Fortunately I got a e-mail from my rl friend, Gialiat, which included the next part of a slash story we're working on for the con. I'm not entirely sure if she's going to be pleased to hear that it made me laugh out loud. (Then snigger to myself after I remembered my flat mate is still asleep and I'd yelled at him for waking me up at 4am).

Her part of the story was more than amusing enough to cheer me up no end, though I do get the feeling she didn't quite mean it that way :) But I will have the time to work on it tonight, as I'm giving my usual Monday night group a miss - for tonight at least. Officially to work on a essay for Uni, unofficially to work on the story and a few pieces I'm supposed to have written up for the con book & programmn already.

14th April 2002

12:50am: Have somehow been talked into wearing a costume to the Nat Con next month, so I'm seriously starting to worry about what I'm going to be wearing. Especially as I'll be a 3rd of The Wyrd Sisters, (from the Terry Prachett books). I've been voted to be Magrat, why exactly I'm not sure, beyond being the quieter one of the 3. At least one of my friend's has offered to help me make the dress I'll be stuck wearing.

Which is a good thing, as I'd never be able to find a suitable dress for the character that'll also fit me! lol But I also am going to have to worry about things like shoes and make up etc etc etc :P (Combined with the fact that I have no idea what kind of shoes I'd have to wear to play a witch - I don't think the other 2 ould be all that impressed if I wore my sneakers or dress shoes).

13th April 2002

12:30pm: What's your FOTR slash pairing?

Ha! And I didn't cheat either lol This pairing is definitely one of my favorites, depending on my exact mood it's either my favorite or up in the top 3 of LOTRs pairs :) So I am amused to have gotten this result - especially without trying to get it.

11th April 2002

6:05pm: The talk given by Jason Carter last night, was hilarious. I particularly liked his story about landing a role on Superman, as a rock star(?) who used superman to fake a hand injury in order to be able to sue Superman. How Jason's brother was telling him that Superman was a popular gay icon in the UK, so he should camp up his performance. So Jason yelled at Superman as campy as he could get away with - something along the lines "Yes save me Superman!" - before throwing himself backwards into Dean Cain's arms and letting the special effects guys take the 2 of them up into the air!

Am also currently working on a RPS with the friend I mentioned in my last proper post, for the next Nat con. While it is really amusing to write, I am a little worried if we should read it out during the slash panel...........

9th April 2002


Who's your Fellowship fella?

I roll in the hay with Hobbits
11:16pm: Am currently having a highly amusing conversation about a slash panel I have to give at the next con, with my co-host and one of my better friends. (The type you take on X rated shopping trips lol). It's getting pretty interesting by now, and I definitely think we've been psyching each other up a bit considering some of the content in our emails! At least it's a lot fun and a amusing way to de-stress :)

Though what kind of hour long panel, workshop type thing we end up coming up with is anyone's guess right now. (It is at 10pm to 11pm on the Sunday of the con, so at least it's going to be in the right time slot for this sort of material!) And as it's a Sunday there'll be fewer room parties going on, which means I won't be worried about missing anything too interesting.

8th April 2002

4:11pm: I'm quite looking forward to tonight - I'll be finishing off my game and then becoming a player for a while. (In the same game system and the other players characters won't change, but someone else will be the gm for a bit). Am trying to come up with the basics for a character though, who is starting to come across as being more than a little twisted hehehe. But then that's half the fun, especially as it isn't going to be obvious how twisted he/she is at first glance.

In some ways I think I have more fun creating these characters than I do playing them! At least the guy who causes the most problems for the gms is finally having a go at running a game, (for the first time in at least 5 or 6 years! Which is going to be fun in itself hehehe).

I'm wondering what's going to happen at I-Con next week, mainly because I ended up chatting about it on msn a while back so I went and had another look at their web site, also at the forum section at about it. From the feeling I'm getting there's going to be 2 very distant groups of people going. A large number who use the forum at Billy's official site come across as young teenage girls and a lot have said they've never been to any sort of convention before.

I can just picture them expecting far too much from the con and from Billy himself. Some of them are desperately trying to arrange a meal on one of the days with him & Steward, dispite the fact that Steward has out right said it's not going to happen. As much as I hate to say this I just can't picture Billy wanting to sit down with a large number of screaming fans for any length of time - espically consdering the problems Steward's been having with the forum in gerenal and people's behavours there they are both going to be very carefull around the fans at the con.

Also I know I a number of the guests at the con, go to cons simply because they earn a lot of money doing it. Apperance fees, selling autographs etc, though I have no idea how Billy is doing this con, I'm assuming he's treating it strickly like a job. Like Steward when he's on the forum, Billy is there to work not make friends. In essence he's being nice to people, because first and formost he's being paid to be nice to them. Neither of them are going there in order to make friends with any of the fans and will be going out of their way to do this as nicely as possible.

The other group of fans, are people who have been to cons before and sound a lot less enthusatic. They do sound exicted about going, but they also sound reasonble in their expectations of the con in general and Billy in particular. They are there to have fun first, meet other fans second and lastly meet the guests in person. The less expereniced fans sound like they're there to meet Billy in person first and formonced and all the other things fade into the background, though some do come across as being quite exicted at the chance to meet other people from the forum at the same time.

7th April 2002


I'm strange!

How much of a freak are you?

3:46pm: I'm oddly happy now, mainly because I've decided I'm going to quit my job at the supermarket this coming week. Relieved more than anything else I guess. I worked out that the IRD have to pay me 440 dollars NZ, so I can afford to quit and spend a month slowly finding a new job. Especially as I'll also have almost a years worth of annual leave owed to me from the supermarket so my last pay packet will larger than usual. (But considering how shitty the pay is, the amount will properly be the amount I'd have needed to have gotten from normally each week :P )

The fact that I have decided to quit has left me feeling a lot more relaxed and less snarky, despite the fact that I know I should be worried about the whole money thing. The fact that I'm not just shows me how unsuited the job & I are. Combind with the fact that I'm not getting paid much, so there isn't going to be all that much money to miss in the end.

There's going to be a talk given by the guy who played Marcus Cloe in Babloyn 5 this coming Wednesday, which I'm going to. Not that I'm all that intertested in hearing him speak or B5 by now, though I did think he was cute when I first saw the series. But I know quite a few people, combined with the fact that Elanor is supposed to be coming along too. (Yes Prism half the point to continue planning things for your visit lol)
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5th April 2002

11:32pm: At least I'm not the only one in a odd mood around here at the moment! I'm just watching my cat use my set of drawers and surrounding stuff as a climbing gym :) (She managed to walk right across that side of the room, without touching the floor lol). To make matters worse she was using my half opened drawers as stepping stones. Even if no one else thinks it's cute, I do at least lol :)
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"Bondage is my thing. Bow to me, bitch."

What's Your Fetish? Take the test at Nollykin's World

Yes I know I'm over doing the quizs right now, but I promise to stop with this one for a while lol.
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You are Civilian Calvin!
You don't get to travel much outside your neighborhood, but you still manage to get in plenty of trouble. When you're not acting up, you like to wax philosophical.
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People will properly think I have a little too much time on my hands right now and should be doing better things than filling in these sorts of quizs, but I'm really just putting off getting ready to go to work. I haven't had to work almost 2 weeks, as my 2 normal shifts where on days the supermarket was closed over Easter and I'm finding the idea of going back rather hard.

lol I think it's safe to say that part of me is being incredibly childish and is whinning big time about have to go. But it's safe to say that I need a new job, my current job is hideously bad and having to work Friday & Saturday nights instead of having a social life is finally starting to kill me. Combined with the fact that most of the time people who don't work Saturday nights in partocular refuse to swap shifts, makes goin out with friends more than a little diffcuilt :P

I'm still in an strange mood unfortuntly, no idea why though which is annoying. I just know I'm going to be in a massive Basil Faulty mood at work tonight, but with a little luck it'll be quiet and I won't get people asking me stupid questions. (The worset I've been asked was "So if you times the price by 7 it'll be the price per kilogram?" which stunned me, as the prices were marked per 100g, the woman asked it perfectly seriously and seemed to be realtivly normal apart from that).
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4th April 2002

7:18pm: Finally got around to seeing the TT trailer yesterday - it was worth going to see, but properly won't bother going to see FOTR again for a few weeks. I've only seen it 5 times so far, which is a lot for me. I think the only movies I've seen more often would be - The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and the Star Wars movies. I've certainly seen Rocky so many times by now I can't remember but it's got to be at least 15 - 20 times.......

But the Nipple of IRvendale did leap out of the screen at me this time :) I think I've spent too much time reading The Very Secret Dairies as well, as they were continually at the back of my mind through out the whole movie lol. Also Eleanor & I did do a little planning for prism's trip in June. If my favourite idea is pulled off, Prism will freak lol. (In a good way of course hehehe :)

It's just a pity she isn't going to be here next month, as the at least some of the actors will be back in Wellington doing some more filming for the next movies. Which meant we could have taken her star watching, but will a little luck my current plan of action will more than make up for it! ;)
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2nd April 2002

10:12pm: Am cold, tired and miserable :P I have no idea why but I've just had one of those days, combined with the fact it's suddenly become bloody freezing cold, I'm not in a happy mood right now. But I am going to see FOTRs again tomorrow afternoon. mainly so I can see the trailer for TTT. Am also going with another LOTRs fan, which should make it that more interesting.....

*sigh* We've had a cold summer, so I shouldn't be so surprised we've gotten a cold autumn. Unfortunately it's gotten so cold tonight I'll properly go to bed early and read instead - at least I have an electric blanket so my bed is going to be nice & warm lol. (Yes there are other things I'd much rather have warming up my bed, but he isn't here unfortuntly :) )

1st April 2002


I got axed by possibly the most enduring figure in horror.

Find out How would you die in a horror movie?

lol btw it is possible to cut & paste stuff to go in the comments section :) But this quiz seemed approiated as I'm currently working on the part of the role playing game I'm running tonight, which is a loosely based Wriath game run using the Gurps rules. Of it's been 2 whole weeks since we last role played and I haven't done a thing for it until I picked up my notes & books for it this morning!

The only good thing is I have today off Uni, (of course), so only have the game to worry about and am currently getting tons of good ideas from the Wraith Players Guide about things to do to the characters hehehe. (They have been sent to retrieve a bag full of money from this rather strange waste land, that appears to be inbetween worlds, which you can only get to via this bizarre train trip. The characters only have an hour to get the goods and get back to the train track in order to be picked up again before the mist devours them. I left them standing underneath this massive weeping willow type tree in this area and am currently working on things I'm going to do to them there and on thier run back to the tracks).

But I have decided that the characters proberly arn't dead, I'm just using an adjusted verison the rules to set the game in. Mainly because I sort of like the proper Wraith game, but there are quite a few bits & pieces I don't like. Which means I'd happily play in it, but wouldn't want to run a Wraith game. But that isn't stopping me from trying to make my current game as strange and twisted as possible. lol I'm even making some of the magic users ideas based around the Discworld game and books, (ie it's often more important to have everyone believing you can turn them into a toad with a good hard stare, than actually being able to do it).

31st March 2002

10:51pm: Am still really shattered from the party last night. I'd spent most of it out in their potting shed talking and drinking a rather good red wine, of all things! Well it seemed perfectly sensible at the time lol. Especially as the party was packed and as a result very noisy.

I can't believe the guys new house though, (in a good way of course). The previous owners had added rooms on in a extremely bizarre and hap hazard way. He was perfectly correct when he described part of the house as being a long series of very small rooms. You keep walking into a room and expecting it to be the last one only to see another door on the other side of the room.

And his library is in the last of these small rooms in the basement thingy area, with book cases from the floor to ceiling all around the walls and 2 free standing book cases going down the middle of the room - all full of books. Plus he's got a lot of normal book cases through the rest of his house, all bar full of books too. (There is a rather large one he stores his video & dvd collections on).

I'm John Rhys-Davies!

Which Fellowship Actor are YOU?

lol As you can properly tell I don't cheat outrageously on theses quizzes! (Otherwise I would have gotten someone like Dom or Billy :) )

30th March 2002

11:24am: Won't be online tonight unfortunately, as there's a big party I have to go to. (To the extent that I was forced to pull a sickie from work in order to have the night off, as I wasn't able to get anyone else to swap shifts with me). It's another birthday party, but for one of the more popular guys in my group of friends, so it should be crowed.

It's also the first time I've been to his place since he got his library made, so I'm keen to see how the builder put in all of the shelves as the room was pretty small. He's been atlking about it left right & center so I do actually want to see how it has turned out.

Oh and I'm in the middle of catching up on non-Uni related stuff, so have already started replying to e-mail & stuff along those lines. Though I haven't quite been in the mood to chat for long periods of time just yet. But I'm starting to feel more normal today, so come Monday should be feeling relaxed enough :)
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29th March 2002

6:25pm: I rather like the rumors wandering around about Elijah Wood. (The one where he was supposed to have been photographed in a gay bar with a male friend - a number of people think this was Dom). I'm not sure if this is true or not in itself, but as Elijah is "apparently well known as `not the straightest boy in town'." (Sorry for quoting someone else, but I really do like the way Billie put it lol). With the whole `Not Gay in LA' thing, combined with the fact that Elijah is really rather popular with the younger female set......

Anyway for the first time ever I had a very vivid dream involving one of the actors from the LOTRs just before I woke up this morning. Oddly enough I didn't even come close to realize it was a dream, and it wasn't in the slightest bit fey like most of my dreams tend to be. It was basically an incredibly detailed dream about having an affair with Sean Austin of all people.
4:46pm: Am just trying something............

27th March 2002

8:58pm: Am in the middle of writing my 2nd essay that's due tomorrow. :P I wrote the other one ,(on the storming of the Bastille) yesterday evening, so am trying to write about Oscar Wilde's trails, his final imprisonment and the changing in sexual politics & the influence on how his plays are perpecived since 1895. Intertesting subject, really hard to wirte about logically.

Apoligies to those I normally I chat with via msn for sudden vanshing into the ether these few days. I also get the odd feeling I owe a few people emails, which I've forgotten about!
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26th March 2002

12:12am: My flat mate got back about an hour ago - drunk as he'd been at the pub with a large group of people. Some of whom I'm friends with, including his older brother. I of course hadn't been able to stay for long as I was dead broke and didn't feel like sitting around the others drink so can home after an hour.

Anyway he proceeded to drag his change container out of it's hiding place, count all the money a couple of times before coming into my bedroom to chow me it. Saying "This how heavy 107 dollars in change feels!" Gives me the container, (which was quite heavy). Let's just say I very irritably looked at it, looked at him, looked it again before gently handed it back to him thinking "bloody bastard" the whole while.

Oh and I've finally gotten around to putting the spell checker on this onto automatic, as I kept forgetting to run it before posting my entires :) Which should make them easier to read...........

25th March 2002

10:12pm: I've had one hell of a long day today unfortuntly. It was my longest day at Uni for starters, including 2 of my 3 tutiorals. I've also been in a strange mood since yesterday evening which doesn't help any. (Any just too stressed out at the moment with the 2 big assinments due this Thursday, on top of my usual mone problems and having to cope with my flatmate).

Unfortuntly because I'm in such a funny mood to begin with my flatmate has been irrating the living shit out of me even more than normal. (And no that's not too harsh a way of talking about him). Being polite to him has been seriously tough. I have no idea why but he's just one of those people that seems to have a natural talent for irrating other people, and seeing as a large number of my other firends complain about him all the time I can safely say it's not me that's the problem. (Which is something I suppose).

One a better note one of my online friends recently got herself a online journal as well, but as it isn't a LiveJournal I thought I better provide a link to it in the body of my journal. Prism's Journal, a word of warning she works in a sex shop - only beyound the counter :) .

24th March 2002

3:36pm: Really should be working on homework for Uni today, but have been spending too much time reading non-related books. (Finished "Chocky" by John Wyndam and have well & truely started to read "The Midwich Cuckoos" by the same author). The only good thing is that I've already finshed on piece of work that's due tomorrow and have done the reading for the other piece.

I'm also really pleased I'm in the mood to read again, as it's been a good 3 or 4 months since I last willingly read. (I have been trying to read The Hobbit in that time but only have managed to get half way through it so far! Unlike Chocky which I easily finshed in a few days).

But my flatmate has been spending more time at home and awake, which means that I've been spending more time in my bedroom using the internet. I know a few people who know him in rl would be surprised he pisses me off so much, but most people would understand entirely. (He didn't get the nickname "dorkbrain" for nothing. Which I didn't give him btw or even use all that much).

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23rd March 2002

11:34pm: I got a cat from the SPCA a few weeks after Christmas, she's a 1 yo black & white moggie. But she's turning into quite a hunter - she seems to be abslotly fasniated with stick insects and has maanged to get a hold of a number of large odd coloured ones so far. But today she caught her first adult mouse, as a result she's more than a little upsett with me because I got rid of it as soon as I saw the thing in the hallway. Other than that she's a real cuddle slut and often seems to have serious delmous about being petted or eating :)

Had to go to work this evening - which isn't good news for a Saturday, so haven't been able to do anything else unfortuntly. Work was long, boring and painful. (I work in a supermarket :P Hey it's a job at least! :) ) The shops owner suddenly decided to stop to talk to me for a good 10 mintutes for the first time I can ever remeber so I begining to wonder if someone's been talking to him about me. (Eyes Elanor, who just happens to know us both and lives down the road from my boss, suspicously :) And yes she does read this journal....)
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22nd March 2002

I'm getting there. I don't suck, but I've got a ways to go.

lol I'm not surprised I didn't get as high a rating as some people I know, but it was amusing to take.
11:30am: There is a new forum that a lot of people from the old forum seem to be heading towards, created by Cheese (of cheese chat fame). You can reach it here. So far there's a tenth of the people registered there compared to the numbers at the original forum, so it's still reasonably quiet. I can't say what the content is like though, as I really haven't looked around it yet! :)
12:16am: A rather intertesting page on legal issues to do with the Internet- Chilling Effects, and their page on fan fiction and trademark laws. The page is apparently "A joint project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and Harvard, Stanford, Berkeley, and University of San Francisco law school clinics."

21st March 2002

11:49pm: Some of the people on the list made a good point about the bad manners of going up to a complete stranger and telling them you have sexual fantasies about them. I agree it is horribly rude and out of place in 99% of situations. For the women out there imagine a man you've never seen before walks up to you while you're having dinner in a restaurant and tells you he imagines you having sex with your best friend. How would you feel and react? How would you view that person? Would you be scared of that person??

Though I can picture a lot of men liking the milder version of a stranger coming up to them and telling them they want to have sex with them - assuming the man does fancy that person on sight and they don't come across as being a creepy stalker type. (Think rock band members happily f**king as many of their groupies as humanly possible, though that is a different kettle of fish of course).
10:34pm: Someone on a slash list I'm on told Sir Ian Mckellon and his boyfriend about her webpage, which has srps on it amoung other things.... I was defintly one of the people who freaked slightly. As it's *not* the type of thing I'd ever in a millon years do myself, *espically* with RPS.

If it doesn't turn into an embrassing "lawsuit thing" it's going to be a miracle! I mean I don't tell anyone in rl about slash, (with one expection but we'd found out we were both on the same same slash list so that doesn't count). Let alone an actor who is friends with the people being slashed, and he & his rl boyfriend even turn up in one of her stories............
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