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15th January 2010

5:43pm: I'm not a Willam Shatner fan but I thought people might appreate this short video :) -

"William Shatner asks John Edward if he has ever considered that he may be psychotic and not psychic!"

3rd February 2008

9:03pm: Dr Who rec
There's a really good Dr Who comic - starting on this page - which is defintly worth checking out! But 2 warnings - 1) It's still a WIP and 3) for those slash fans out it's very gen so.... :)

22nd January 2008

1:48pm: Unfortuntly I got a phone call yesterday afternoon to tell me I *hadn't* got the job at MOTAT :P At least I've got a number of other jobs applications in the pipe lines at the moment and I do actually have a job at the moment so it could be a lot worse!

If anyone is feeling overly generous and are planning on buying something from - Science Fiction & Fantasy Books - and/or - Science Fiction & Fantasy Books.

The google ads on CSI Slash look to be a completly dead end unfortuntly, as people just arn't clicking on them now. (There was an intial burst of clicks when I first put them on the site, but it's slowly died down to the point that no one is clicking on them anymore. And if the site doesn't get at least 2-5 clicks each & everyday it's kinda pointless as how much I get paid per click depends on the Click Through rate - which is how many clicks my ads get per 100 page impresstions. The lower the CTR the less you seem to get paid per click, (now it's averaging between 1c & 5c per click :P ) Given that my site's stats say I get between 400-600 unique visitors to the site each and every day, this is very disappointing :(

19th January 2008

3:44pm: I was actually shorted listed for a job at MOTAT here in Auckland, which I was *very* startled by. (For those of you who don't live in NZ, MOTAT is the Museum of Transport and Technology, and is one of the bigger museums here in Auckland.) I don't know if I've got the job yet or not, as they're still interviewing people, hopefully I will get it as it would be a massive stepping stone towards getting a better job somewhere like the big Auckland Museum and/or Te Papa. (Again for non-NZers, Te Papa is the "Museum of New Zealand", which is in Wellington and is essentially the Wellington Mueseum).

Hopefully I will be getting something better fast, as I've having to sell stuff on Trade Me, (the NZ version of ebay), just to get by :P

5th January 2008

5:21pm: Everything has fallen to pieces for me again, just after I'd started to get everything sorted out too :P I guess it's one of those 2 steps forward 1 step backwards, but it is more than a little depressing. The fact that I've been working night shifts at North Shore Hospital recently and am having a lot of problems sleeping during the day isn't helping *sigh*. I'm just going to have to keep telling myself that things are going to get better and hopefully I'll start believing it soon rather than later. I guess it's good that I actually have a job etc. If I could just get on top of things before other things start to fall to pieces on me again I'll be set.

If anyone of my flist is planning on buying anything from I'd *deeply* appreate if you'd use this link - Science Fiction & Fantasy - before you add anything to your cart & then buy it, as I currently need just under 7 pounds before I get a chq for 50 pounds and that kind of money would be a massive help! (And no it won't cost you anything extra :) ) The link for is - Science Fiction & Fantasy.

For those of you who are following my site - CSI Slash sorry about the low number of stories added, all of my regular authors seem to be on holiday from writing at the moment so I've only been able to add stories as and where I get them :( But it does mean I have been able to catch up on a few stories I've missed, which is good. I'm proberly going to have to update the main section of my site too. If anyone does have any CSI stories - any series, any slash or gen - and you are happy for me to archive them could you please email me here, with the stories or links to them. Thanks :)

17th February 2007

9:33am: "and let them go to page 123 of the nearest book and transcribe sentences 5, 6, and 7 onto their blogs"

"'The Unified Field Theory,' he resumed, 'has remained an incomplete structure - even today. No one can properly claim to make a complete "recheck" of "that theory" in my view. Of course, there have been contributions toward the goal, and several papers with the title (the German is 'Einheitliche-Field Theorie'), but the substance of these papers is not "complete" in the sense in which the Special Theory of Relativity is "complete" and the General Theory is deeply developed..."

meme taken from gialiat. I think this what I get from having a pile of strange books sitting next to my computer :P I won't bother tagging anyone in partcular, so if haven't done it yet and want to...

9th December 2006

3:55pm: CSI Slash Chirstmas Wish list
I'm sure everyone knows the rules for this already! You post upto 10 wishes, which can be anything and cost anything from free to asking for your own house. You then go and try to grant at least 1 other person's wish whether you know them or not. This for my site - CSI Slash - more than for me exactly.

1) If you have any CSI Slash, either m/m or f/f or gen for that matter, and wouldn't mind it archived on my site please email me with the details and I'll put them asap.

2) If you have a slash site or a lj a link to would be wonderful! If you have a link to the site at slashcity, updating it would great too :)

3) If you buy anything from or I'd be eternally gratfull if you used of the site's links first - link - C.S.I. New York - The Complete First Season link - CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 5 - Part 2 (buy one, get one free*)

3) I despritly need more subscribers or donations via PayPal -

The subscribtion links is here. The site is 100% depenant on getting donations & subscriptions from the readers in order to stay up, so anything extra will make a serious difference!

Thanks :) Merry Chirstmas!

1st December 2006

9:54pm: I'm surpisingly happy at the moment. I shouldn't be given how little sleep I've gotten over the last few days and the fact that I'm not really going to have a day over until after Chirstmas. With the expection of one Wednesday in about 1&1/2 weeks time and that's nly beacuse I flatly refused to work. (I have a Chirstmas party I want to go to). My manager had know about it for 2 months and had orginally said I could have the day off completly, no problem and had already arranged to have someone else cover my shift... Then last week she tried to take it back and have me work that day as well. I have been reading Hello Laziness! by Corinne Maier which is amusing, even though I'm not taking it seriously :)

I have been thinking vaguely about doing my own Chirstmas Wish meme, but the things I really want noone on my flist can give me :P (Like a decent job!) It's gotten to the point that I've been thinking seriously about applying for a job at the new Borders store that's currently being built on Lambton Quay. Though if anyone is already planning on buying somethin from or I'd *deeply* appreate it if you used one of my links before ordering anything - link - Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire link - Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (Harry Potter 6) [Children's Edition]
(Yes I know I'm pushing it, but I'd love you forever if you did remeber to use one of them espically if you're nice enough to remeber to use them on a regular bases! There is currently a link to on my lj user infor at the very least and I proberly should get around to putting up one to Seriously I would be extremly gratly :)

26th January 2006


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8th August 2004

1:47pm: I try not to post these things here, but I thought this was rather nice (and different to most! :) )

I am flower named michaelchance !
I consist of my friends!
Are you flower too?
1:35pm: I've actually got some from free time now, so I've been slowly catching up on my friends list. (Apolisges to the people who getting 2 or 3 comments from for different entries :( ). I've also added a number of new people to my friends list - mainly people I reconise from HP and Snape/Lupin fandom, which hopefully also hasn't upsett anyone... :)

26th June 2003

2:15pm: The neighbors cat is currently is sitting outside my bedroom, looking in through the window, and making the most piteous heart renching meows/mewing sounds! All the time staring directly at me, while I'm trying to answer email. To say that he's being terribly off-putting is putting it mildly. *sigh* I'm not going to unlock the cat flap for him though, as he's been upsetting my cat far too much recently, (unfortunately she's being seriously freaked out by having another cat treat this place like home, so he's going to have to stay outside).
10:49am: One of my neighbors' cats is currently standing at my back door mewing piteously because I've locked the cat flap and am refusing to let him come inside. He is a sweet heart for the most part, but has a gotten into the bad habit of coming over here when ever he's been put outside of his own home. Which isn't a good thing unfortunately, as my cat is seriously upset by any other cat coming into *her* home :)

9th February 2003

9:52pm: I was just looking at my last lj entry and I realized how bad my English was in it. I guess it means I really should carefully re-read my entries before posting them! :)

18th January 2003

12:32pm: I am definitely not felling well now. In a way it's lucky it's Saturday so I don't have to go out and anything, also I've been feeling a little off since last Sunday so haven't arranged to do anything tonight. Last Sunday the weather changed dramatically here, from the hot & humid summer weather on the Saturday to cold and wet on the Sunday. I, of course, got caught in the bad weather on the Sunday more or less dressed for the weather on the saturday.

I had thought I was coming down with a cold, but I just feel weak and off colour now. Walking home from the train station yesterday evening almost killed me, it is all up hill, but it took me at least twice as long to get home yesterday as it normally does. So I think I'm going to have to spend the next couple of days at home not doing anything untill I am feeling better again. At least I have a couple of books to get through and I really get going with things like my web page, so I will have a reasonble amount of stuff to keep me enteratained.
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17th November 2002

4:37pm: Am supposed to be going to the supermarket around 11pm or midnight tonight, with the flat mate. This is due to the rather odd timetable both of us have over the next couple of weeks, meaning we can't do the usual combined shopping trip on either Tuesday for almost 3 weeks. (Yes, there is a decent 24hr supermarket l;luckier so that isn't a problem). It's just incredibly odd to have arranged to go shopping at time on a Sunday night, it's even odder that it's the only time we're both going to be free and awake.

9th August 2002

2:23pm: I'm going to be seriously pleased once this time next has come. I'll have finished and handed in my last essay for this half of the semester and will have started 2 weeks worth of holidays.

Have a meeting to go to this Wednesday evening, which should be interesting. If nothing else it'll be a good place to catch with some of my friends are supposed to be there as well. Other than that the next week is going to be horribly dull, as I'll be stuck working on my essay and catching up on my Research assignment. (Unfortunately I have to arrange to meet my lecturer next week sometime for a short presentation on the research I've managed so far - which isn't going to be fun either :P)

14th July 2002

9:18pm: Quick note as I don't think I was as clear as I should have been in my last post :) My flatmate has been home sick for the last week, and having him here *all* of the damn time is one of the main things that's getting to me. (Normally he works evenings so we're hardly ever at home at the same time......)
7:29pm: My flatmate has gone insane. He's certainly driving me up the wall at the moment, (I can't believe I told Eleanor he wasn't so bad, when we were at Viggo's book signing as he's suddenly gotten a lot worse!).

12th July 2002

8:08pm: I was sent a rather interesting addy by gialiat a little while ago, called Pornolize. Which essentially turns web pages into a porn based version - it did all sorts of strange things to my journal! lol Most of which I won't mention here....

Viggo "Butplug"

6th July 2002

10:05am: My flatmate has me his cold unfortunately, which is terrible timing as classes start again this Monday. Which means I'm not going to be able to go to the movies tomorrow with my friends, a little to my disgust. At least I haven't actually been rung up confirming it yet, which is a little surprising as the guy who arranges it is usually anal about doing it on Thursday evenings. (DAmitly which helps as people are expecting calls on the Thursday and if he doesn't ring that night it's safe to assume something funny has happened somewhere along the way and there isn't going to be anything arranged anymore).

I went and checked my results at Uni yesterday. I passed everything of course, but considering the surprisingly high result on one of my English classes I get the odd feeling it was only taken from my exam result. (The English department takes the highest mark of either your exam mark or the combined exam & in-term essaiys mark. seeing as I did terribly in the 2 essays for that course - I even failed the first one - and then getting a B+ final grade can only mean they took my exam mark by itself).

1st July 2002

5:16pm: "In a recent issue of New Dork Times Elijah Wood admitted to being gay, and to top off on the surprise he also confessed to his 3 year long relationship to the British CO Lord Of The Ring actor Dominic Monaghan.
The couple met in New Zealand where they lived for 16 month recording New Line Cinema�s interpretation of J. R. R. Tolkien�s masterpiece trilogy Lord of The Rings."
From the `article' found at the this link - "Elijah Article".

Note - despite having the same picture at the top as the one I use on my lj, I didn't have anything to do with this :)

17th June 2002

4:40pm: My modem seems to be in the process of dying on me unfortunately :P But I have been meaning to get a new computer for quite a while, ever since my cd rom did die. As my computer is about 6 years old now, it's definitely about time for a decent upgrade.

6th June 2002

11:46am: I suppose I should write something about the con now. It was a good con, despite the fact there weren't all that many guests I wanted to go and see. Dan Hennah was really only there for the Banquet on the Saturday night and most of Sunday. I've heard Norman has given variations on his LOTRs talk a million times already - though he is a really interesting speaker. (For those who don't know, Norman worked for Weta as one of the people who made the feet & ears during the movie, and now works in the Digital department).

Dan Hennah's speach was intertesting, because he had bought along a side show, with the blue prints of the main sets for the first movie as well as some of the props they used. I think the one that impressed most of the people there was the actual book they used in the tomb scene in the Mines of Mora. (Where the last of the dwarfs had written about the goblins and the final attack that killed the last of them). I quite liked the two backpacks he bought along, one was the full sized one worn by Sean Astin in the movie and there was an identical small version for his short double. Completle with a tiny frying pan, bed roll and ladle.

17th May 2002

11:43am: Am trying out the pictures verylisa was kind enough to make for me. I love them, thank you :). I properly should work out how to make them my self, I did try once, it didn't work and I haven't tried again lol.

Will be busy most of the next 3 days finishing the essays, in particular the 2 English ones I have due on Monday. I haven't done nearly enough work on any of them unfortunately, but need them to be better than the last ones because these ones are worth the most. (Two are worth 25% each and one is worth 40% :P )
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28th April 2002

6:19pm: Am still tired from last night, though thankfully my headache has cleared up nicely by now. A little to my disappointment last night wasn't quite as exiting as I'd hoped it'd be, which is surprising as it was packed full of people I haven't seen in ages and wasn't bad or boring.

Gialiat and I ended up spending quite a bit of time sitting outside with a few other people, as there was a reasonable amount of outside furniture and beach umbrellas up to keep the rain off. Oddly enough one guy I haven't seen in years came and joined us for a while. He'd gone to Australia to help build a new church, (he belongs to that church were people yell out, get on their feet, etc a lot during services, but the name of which is escaping me completely at the moment), which stunned me as he & I don't exactly get along.

I didn't get measured for my coustum yesterday morning, unfortuntly, as the women who was supposed to be doing it had to go to work instead. Should happen this Wednesday evening now though. With a little luck :) Though I am beginnign to worry about the way I'm going to look, as my outfit was being described at length and it's going to includle things like flowers in my hair. Also another woman at the party described the charater I'm supposed to be as "the beautful one", while looking directly at me, which is starting to make me feel a little odd with the whole thing lol.

Not a lot else of note happened, as the party seemed to be very firmly divided into intertest groups after 10pm. (The group into cars in one courner etc etc etc). The whole party ended up slwoly winding down at about 1am.
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Find your Role-Playing

25th April 2002

7:12pm: Foolish Games, by Bill the Pony. Very good F/S M/P story.
1:35pm: I was *supposed* to get my final pay today, form that damn supermarket today. Of course it never turned up, and there is no excuse I can think of beyond them fucking up big time, for me not to get the money today. Today is a public holiday here, (it's Anzac Day), but yesterday was a normal old working day. AND an automatic payment went out of my account fine last night, (this was despite not having the money to cover it because I haven't been paid yet too!)

I am so angry about it right it isn't funny. The fact that I've only used two swear words so far in this post is a bloody miracle, (ok 3 now :) ), as I've been wanting to use a swear word of some sort for every second or third word and toning it down has been more than a little difficult. But at least I resisted the temptation when I'd first checked my account balances over the phone, to star breaking things.

The extra money I got last Thursday wouldn't have affected the amount I got today either, as I later found out that I got a couple of bonuses that week. One for each of the 2 departments, as by pure chance they'd both gotten 100% in the previous months reviews so everyone who worked in those departments got paid extra last week.

Unfortunately for me I was assuming I'd safely get paid today, even if it was my usual old weekly amount. I *never* thought I'd get absolutely nothing!! To make matters worse I'd paid a large bill off yesterday instead of paying my rent or going to the supermarket and promised my flat mate I'd do it all this afternoon, after the shops had opened. Of course I now have practically no food left, not enough to last me much beyond tomorrow breakfast, my flat mate isn't going to be happy with me in the slightest. And I am so fucking pissed off with that bloody supermarket for fucking up my last pay like this, I'm more agro than I usually get about *anything*.

Many apologies for ranting like that, but as you can tell I'm more than a little stressed out right now because of all of this shit. And now that a little of it's out of my system I hope I'll start to calm down a bit.
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21st April 2002

3:05pm: Am more or less stuck at home all of today, catching up on my homework. Have started the essay which is due tomorrow afternoon, which is more a serious of questions requiring a few short answers and one long 600-700 word answer. Have also started on the homework for my 2 tutorials tomorrow afternoon. So I should be well & truely prepared by tomorrow morning for a change! :)

The most important thing is that last night was my very last shift at the supermarket! I was so happy it isn't funny, unfortuntly I'd gotten to the point with the gorcey shift, (which was just stocking shelves for 6 hours straight), that I'd be seriusly gritting my teeth and willing time to hurry up and pass. I'm just not capiable of coping with kind of mindless work for very long without slowly started to get very aggrivated. Working in the Bulk Foods Department was a lot better, simply because we had to do lots of different little jobs over the shift, as a result it wasn't nearly so monotous and mind numbing.

Saw The Broken Hearts Club, it was pretty good. While I did enjoy it and it was a lot better than most movies described as being "Romantic Comedies" it wasn't as funny as I'd hoped it would be *sigh*. (It's about a group of gay male friends, trying to find themselves, find love, etc).

19th April 2002

11:55pm: Apart from myself and Gialiat, is there anyone planning on going to the New Zealand Nat con, Con with the Wind? First weekend of June, here in Wellington, even has one big LOTRs guest so far - Dan Hennah. Plus a couple of other people from Weta as well, (including the guy you meet last week Elanor), who will be giving talks etc.

18th April 2002

10:10pm: I've had a totally bizarre day today, fortunately it seems to have worked out wonderfully in the end. Was totally stressed out and unhappy this morning, as well as being sick. Only just got to Uni on time for my first class, barely got through my classes in one piece. Went to check my bank account to see if my pay had turned up, only to find I'd gotten paid considerably more I normally get!

So I was able to buy the text book I was complaining about in my earlier post, a new pre-paid card for my cell phone, (a 50 dollar one too - which'll last one hell of a lot longer than my usual 20 dollar ones :), and have a decent shop up at the supermarket before coming home again. One of my co-workers was telling me everyone had gotten paid extra because of some accident. She has a very thick Indian accent, so I'm not sure if getting paid too much was the accident, or we got paid more because of an accident. I'm sure I'll find out when I get my last pay slip next week. But the money was incredibly useful today.

At least I have the correct version of Le Monte Darthur to work from now, and as half of the assignment is a text analyses this definitely helps big time. (I found out the copy I'd gotten from the library wasn't in the original English translation, was going to have find a proper version of the section I needed anyway). So I am really rather happy now, despite still feeling a little sick :)
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