chance (michaelchance) wrote,

Everything has fallen to pieces for me again, just after I'd started to get everything sorted out too :P I guess it's one of those 2 steps forward 1 step backwards, but it is more than a little depressing. The fact that I've been working night shifts at North Shore Hospital recently and am having a lot of problems sleeping during the day isn't helping *sigh*. I'm just going to have to keep telling myself that things are going to get better and hopefully I'll start believing it soon rather than later. I guess it's good that I actually have a job etc. If I could just get on top of things before other things start to fall to pieces on me again I'll be set.

If anyone of my flist is planning on buying anything from I'd *deeply* appreate if you'd use this link - Science Fiction & Fantasy - before you add anything to your cart & then buy it, as I currently need just under 7 pounds before I get a chq for 50 pounds and that kind of money would be a massive help! (And no it won't cost you anything extra :) ) The link for is - Science Fiction & Fantasy.

For those of you who are following my site - CSI Slash sorry about the low number of stories added, all of my regular authors seem to be on holiday from writing at the moment so I've only been able to add stories as and where I get them :( But it does mean I have been able to catch up on a few stories I've missed, which is good. I'm proberly going to have to update the main section of my site too. If anyone does have any CSI stories - any series, any slash or gen - and you are happy for me to archive them could you please email me here, with the stories or links to them. Thanks :)
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