chance (michaelchance) wrote,

Apart from myself and Gialiat, is there anyone planning on going to the New Zealand Nat con, Con with the Wind? First weekend of June, here in Wellington, even has one big LOTRs guest so far - Dan Hennah. Plus a couple of other people from Weta as well, (including the guy you meet last week Elanor), who will be giving talks etc.
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April 20 2002, 03:52:18 UTC 15 years ago

I might con my friends into coming with me although I dunno, they'll probably all be too scared to

If you or they are uncertain, you could easily come in for just one or two days instead of the whole 4 days. (I would strongly suggest you pick either Saturday or Sunday as they're almost always the best days - just pick via the talks you're most intertested in). If you don't want to come in by yourself, we'll have to ask Elanor if she's coming in for any of it. :)