chance (michaelchance) wrote,

I suppose I should write something about the con now. It was a good con, despite the fact there weren't all that many guests I wanted to go and see. Dan Hennah was really only there for the Banquet on the Saturday night and most of Sunday. I've heard Norman has given variations on his LOTRs talk a million times already - though he is a really interesting speaker. (For those who don't know, Norman worked for Weta as one of the people who made the feet & ears during the movie, and now works in the Digital department).

Dan Hennah's speach was intertesting, because he had bought along a side show, with the blue prints of the main sets for the first movie as well as some of the props they used. I think the one that impressed most of the people there was the actual book they used in the tomb scene in the Mines of Mora. (Where the last of the dwarfs had written about the goblins and the final attack that killed the last of them). I quite liked the two backpacks he bought along, one was the full sized one worn by Sean Astin in the movie and there was an identical small version for his short double. Completle with a tiny frying pan, bed roll and ladle.
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