chance (michaelchance) wrote,

My flatmate has me his cold unfortunately, which is terrible timing as classes start again this Monday. Which means I'm not going to be able to go to the movies tomorrow with my friends, a little to my disgust. At least I haven't actually been rung up confirming it yet, which is a little surprising as the guy who arranges it is usually anal about doing it on Thursday evenings. (DAmitly which helps as people are expecting calls on the Thursday and if he doesn't ring that night it's safe to assume something funny has happened somewhere along the way and there isn't going to be anything arranged anymore).

I went and checked my results at Uni yesterday. I passed everything of course, but considering the surprisingly high result on one of my English classes I get the odd feeling it was only taken from my exam result. (The English department takes the highest mark of either your exam mark or the combined exam & in-term essaiys mark. seeing as I did terribly in the 2 essays for that course - I even failed the first one - and then getting a B+ final grade can only mean they took my exam mark by itself).
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Congrats on passing all your exams!! Uni doesnt start up for me for another week! *cheers and starts doing the mumbo* 'I dont got no classes, i don't got no class-es!' er... not to rub it in or anything.
Its a pity about missing the movie though, cause of your cold =( hope you start feeling better soon!!
Thanks :) How did you do in your exams?

I'm beginning to feel better today, luckerily. Unfortuntly it also means I'm all the more disappointed about missing the movie as well. (At this point in time I'm seriously consdering arranging to go anyway ;)
In the end, it happened that I didn't actually have any exams!!! Lucky for me eh!? It ended up that I withdrew from some classes last minute (those classes I do next year instead tho as they are really interesting papers) loooooong story. Basically it comprises of my laziness and lots of messups during my semester. 90% of which were my own making as per usual. I really will have to pull my head in this semester and actually do the work instead of skiving off to do more exciting things (ie spend time with friends). Learnt the hard way sadly. Anywho, good luck for your classes tomorrow!! Hope they are all okay =)

Enough of uni though! *shudders* Did you go and see the movie, or did you skip it?? There are tons of movies I wanna see at the moment dammit! I just dont seem to get the oppurtunities to go though at the moment!
I hope you have better luck this coming semster :)

I did end up going to see MIIB, though I proberly shouldn't as I ended up having to go home again as soon as the movie ended. Which movies do you particlularly want to see but haven't yet?
well, MIIB (heh, obviously), Spiderman, Spirit (that cartoon one. LOVE cartoons!) uhm... oh oh, and as lame as this is, Scooby Doo! *smiles embarrassed* yeah, i know. I'm just a big baby! there are some others too, but cant think of em!