chance (michaelchance) wrote,

My flatmate has gone insane. He's certainly driving me up the wall at the moment, (I can't believe I told Eleanor he wasn't so bad, when we were at Viggo's book signing as he's suddenly gotten a lot worse!).
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Lock your bedroom door when you go to sleep! If you don't have a lock, prop up a chair.
That's a good idea. Unless the door opens outwards. Then you're screwed...
but i doubt thats the case (the door opening outwards, cause bedrooms arent usually built that way!) so its all good!

Something set off his insanity do ya think?? i am so lucky to have lovely flatmates!!! (or perhaps I'm the mad one and just don't know it. Crap, that's really likely...) What's he doing that's so crazy?? Nothing you can really explain? That really sucks. Hope he calms down soon for you. That's the worst living with someone who is completely intolerable.
Hey, I know, give him a chew toy... They work on our dog!! Settles him right down. *pauses when she sees your unimpressed expression* hey, it could work...