chance (michaelchance) wrote,

"and let them go to page 123 of the nearest book and transcribe sentences 5, 6, and 7 onto their blogs"

"'The Unified Field Theory,' he resumed, 'has remained an incomplete structure - even today. No one can properly claim to make a complete "recheck" of "that theory" in my view. Of course, there have been contributions toward the goal, and several papers with the title (the German is 'Einheitliche-Field Theorie'), but the substance of these papers is not "complete" in the sense in which the Special Theory of Relativity is "complete" and the General Theory is deeply developed..."

meme taken from gialiat. I think this what I get from having a pile of strange books sitting next to my computer :P I won't bother tagging anyone in partcular, so if haven't done it yet and want to...
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Happy birthday, M!
Thanks :)